What 2016 has brought so far


A summary of good things that happened in the life of our company, which allow us to be more fast and efficient for our clients.

04 May 2016

Filip Spedition Fleet Extension

In April 2016, the Filip Spedition fleet has been extended with 50 Scania tractor units and 55 Schmitz Cargobull megatrailers, in total amount of 5.4 mln Eur.
The units recently purchased are meant to both replace older ones and to extend the fleet in terms of number of units. Currently, Filip Spedition owns 280 megatrailers covering Europe as part of transportation contracts with end users. Thus, 80% of the turnover is achieved with direct partners – important players in the automotive, aluminium, furniture, and steel industries, whereas 20% stand for spot operations.

Constant business development in the automotive industry

Since 2011, Filip Spedition has started developing the automotive sector by signing contracts with well-known corporations in the field. Further on, due to full compliance with the technical demands and implementation of high quality standards, the share has been extended, both at organic level and through specific dedicated actions, thus reaching an overall increase of 10%. Filip Spedition is now part of long-term partnerships with Continental Automotive, Renault, Takata, Coficab Eastern Europe.

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