Environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility

The modernization of systems for collecting rainwater and domestic water resulted from the activity of cleaning vehicles and of the own fuel station not only supports our activity, but successfully contributes to protecting the environment against pollution in the central parking area and on the platform.

17 Sep 2014

In addition to our responsibility towards our clients and our employees, we are responsible towards the society in which we perform our activity, in that we must protect the environment from potentially harmful effects.

As a first step, we invested Euro 50 000 to modernize the fuel station and the car wash in order to combat the polluting effect they may have over the environment. Thus, we modernized the system for collecting rain waters and domestic waters resulted on the platform in such a way that water passes through hydrocarbon separators before reaching the public system of water collection.

To streamline the fuel supply process of the trucks, the pumps of the fuel station were replaced with the most modern pumps with an increased flow and a system of consumer identification was implemented. All measures taken observe the environment protection norms.

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