Commercial fleet

Fully equipped for successful trips

The entire Filip Spedition, consisting of 300 megatrailers, fleet is equipped with a GPS monitoring system. Such equipment allows for management, checking, and supervision of transports, thus guaranteeing optimum reaction and transit time. The safety and timely deliveries have as main grounds a good organisation and efficient vehicles. Within Filip Spedition, we count on technical excellence, that being the reason why we selected for our tractor units famous producers such as Scania, DAF si Mercedes. The average age of our trucks is one and a half year.


Increased transport capacity

The various kinds of goods we handle made us diversify our fleet in terms of truck patterns. Since we are specialized in volume transportation, we have chosen to purchase our mega trailers from traditional producers such as Schmitz Cargobull, Koegel, Merker, and Knapen.

• Megatrailers (h = 3m, 102 m3) intended for transportation of general goods, tires (DEKRA certification), and volume goods
• Coil trailers (coilmulde) intended for transportation of steel coils (large tonnage) and general goods
• Walking floors intended for transportation of bulk goods
• Kippers
• Double-deck trailers dedicated to optimizing LTL transport (groupage)
• Ultralight trailers (weight up to 25 tons)

Monitoring traffic

Under permanent control

The entire Filip Spedition fleet is monitored using the WebEye specialized tool. All units are equipped with GPS monitoring systems, which allows for exact identification of the truck location every minute of its trip as well as access to the history of trips with precise reference to time and place.