Operational strategy. Planning excellence.

Excellent organisation of processes and activities within Filip Spedition guarantees for safety and predictability of our services. Behind each delivery there lies accurate planning according to clearly-cut guiding lines.

Efficient coordination of time, ensuring safety and providing quality services are the key elements that make the difference in international transport domain. The know-how we acquired so far has helped us improve all of these features and develop an operational strategy that led us to the best results, through verified methods.

Efficiency-oriented implementation

Successful trips are thoroughly prepared. That is the reason why we very carefully treat implementation of new projects. Since this is the most sensitive step in a start-up, we focus on both a quick and cost-efficient implementation. It relies on correct identification of the clients’ needs and their prompt fulfillment.

Improvement through standardization

Trips are comfortable if linked to simple solutions. Thus, Filip Spedition offers its trip partners standardized solutions, as personalized per fields of activity. The experience acquired out of projects with individualized activities is further on transferred to yield optimization and improvement of operations. Each type of service dedicated to a certain field of activity is closely analyzed and any improvement-oriented operational change is immediately applied to other clients in the same field.

Performance rating

We assess our activities through permanent measurement of each project performance level. Our goal is to offer our partners a sense of confidence in a safe and on-time delivery, carried out under best conditions.





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