2015 – The Year of Investments


2015 was a year for investments for Filip Spedition, so we conclude it by adding to the amount invested so far a new set of 28 head tractors Scania Euro 6 and 10 walking floor trailers. As value, they amount to Euro 2.8 million.

17 Dec 2015

The trailers equipped with a walking floor are designed for transporting bulk goods (grain, waste, etc) but can equally be used for the transport of general goods.

In the case of bulk goods, the loading is done by removing the ceiling, and the unloading is executed with the help of the mobile floor and of the front sliding wall that pushes the goods to the rear of the trailer. In case of general goods, the loading can be done directly from the platform, or where there is no platform, with the help of the mobile floor which moves the goods to the frontal wall as the goods are positioned by a forklift to the back of the trailer.

The trailers purchased are of high-volume, over 96 mc, with aluminium walls, with tarpaulin ceiling. The frame with a special structure ensures the vehicle`s own reduced mass, so that the actual load capacity is of 24 tons.

filip-spedition-camion-2015 filip-spedition-camion-2-2015

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